Not Your Ordinary Flu: COVID — 19

Covid-19 has taken the world by surprise, and no one knows when we are going to find a vaccine. So some of you might see on the news it’s killing millions and you should quarantine yourself. So should you be scared? Well, before I tell you, let me tell you a bit more about how dangerous COVID-19 and some common misconceptions that you might hear on the News or from your favourite subreddit.

So how dangerous is COVID-19? Well, if you look at the 3D figure below of how many people died this year by age, then you will see people above 80

For more in-depth

made 79 % of the deaths in Canada while people under the age of 40 make up only 3 % So if you are under 40 your chances of dying are very slim. So even if you do get it, you probably not going to die.

Why should you care if you’re not going to die from it? Well, when you look at people older than you, like people in their 65–80’s you will see that they make up 97 % of the deaths.

As those in their 60’s and above have a 220x higher chance of dying than someone who is 18–29 years. So even if you can’t die from COVID-19, it’s almost guaranteed for those above 65 will end up dead due to COVID-19. So if you do have COVID or if you do not for your safety but for those who are at a health risk stay at home.

Now for the big question how scared should you be? Well, if you are under 40, you should not be afraid of dying but spreading it to someone in your family. And if you’re above 40, then please stay put and get someone in your family to do the grocery shopping for you, as the smallest amount of contact is the best thing you can do while in quarantine. However just because you will not die from it does not mean that it would not affect you



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Aryan Khimani

I’m 15-years old who is very passionate about using Gene Editing and Machine Learning to disrupt the world of biomedicine, using my knowledge of Python, AI, ML